June 6, 2017

Dear neighbors, friends, and allies,

Last week, the world witnessed a decision that may have dire consequences to the future of our planet and harm the credibility of our federal government and citizens.  President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement sent a shockwave through international governments, concerned citizens, and climate-responsible businesses, drawing almost universal condemnation.  

Climate Action Santa Monica is dramatically stepping up its outreach to our own community, rededicating ourselves to our pledge to “think globally, act locally.”  We urge you to support CASM’s efforts to activate our community through education and direct action by making a contribution today to climateactionsantamonica.org/contribute.

It is heartening to see the swift and proactive response from our state and regional governments, many vowing to disregard the President’s announcement and move ahead vigorously with their own climate change initiatives.

We believe that deepening our resolve on a local level against the existential threat of climate change is imperative.  Please visit www.climateactionsantamonica.org to learn about the ways your generous contribution will be transformed into immediate action here in Santa Monica, which has a role as a regional leader in sustainability and climate change that is needed now more than ever.  

Thank you for your passion and support.

Warmest regards,

The Climate Action Santa Monica Steering Committee:

Judy Abdo

Zachary Gaidzik

Laura Gillette

Cris Gutierrez

Katharine King

Bill Selby

Kent Strumpell


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