Santa Monica Hires Local Youth

We are excited to announce that the City of Santa Monica, working with CASM, has been awarded a grant to create our own workforce development program. Funded through the state’s Californians for All program, our local Climate Job Corps will provide passionate youth ages 16-30 with skills and experiences in occupations that will be at the forefront of our battle against climate change. Empowering local young people with opportunities and frameworks to advance their careers in caring for future generations is a step forward in CASM’s quest to enact transformative climate solutions.

This program specifically aims to engage underserved youth, including low-income, foster, justice-involved, and unemployed. In addition to providing meaningful service in the fight against climate change, it is the mission of the initiative to provide career opportunities to those who have traditionally struggled to access them. Santa Monica’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Shannon Parry, sees this as a broad-reaching opportunity. “Empowering young people to implement climate solutions will help our city reach its climate goals and open doors that can help the youth fulfill their personal and professional dreams. This is a win-win for the whole community.” 

CASM is recruiting through Jewish Vocational Services, Santa Monica College, and other organizations and community leaders working with youth. In addition, the program provides career success resources such as technology and mentor assistance. If you know individuals who could benefit from this program and want to participate in climate action, they should please contact