CASM Public Forums Forums

With the Help of a grant from the City of Santa Monica Climate Action Santa Monica was able to mount a series of successful public forums to discuss the science of climate change. As well as the current public policy on a local, regional and state wide level.

If you were unable to be at any of our forums, don’t worry you’re in luck! Many of our forums have been filmed and Archived for your viewing pleasure on our Youtube Channel. And below.

Grand Overview of Climate Change!

Our first forum gave a grand overview of the science of climate change and what is going on today. It featured 3 speakers, Professor William Selby to hard scientific facts of climate change, Jonathan Parfray executive director of Climate Resolve a Los Angeles based nonprofit that is focused on education and advancement of climate resilient cites, and Senator Fran Pavley who gave us an overview of the current legislation that is being implemented to mitigate the effects of climate change and gave city, county’s, and individuals the tools and resources they need to be a part of the solution. Check out the video below to watch!

Drop Everything: Water Policy and Climate Change!

Our third forum gave an overview of water in Southern California, where it comes from, where it goes, and how it’s effected by Climate Change. It featured 3 speakers, Robert Lempert,t 2007 Nobel Peace Prize recipient, and current Rand Senior Scientist. Debra Mann Asst GM at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. And Santa Monica’s own Dean Kubani, Director of Santa Monica’s Office of Sustainability and the environment. Check out the video below to watch!


Lighten Up: Community Choice Energy!

Our fourth forum gave Santa Monicans a first look at Community Choice Energy, a system already at work in Northern California that is fast tracking the switch from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources. Check out the video below to watch!

What a way to go – Bike, Bus, Expo!

Our fifth forum welcomed the new expo light rail line to Santa Monica, the first train to come to Santa Monica is 52 years! Hosted by Belinda Weymouth our exciting forum started out with Professor William Selby who gave us the overview of Climate Change and the up to date weather report. He was followed by Amy Wyatt from the Big Blue Bus, who explained the changes to Santa Monica’s bus system to allow better integration with the new Expo Line. Next up was Cynthia Rose from Santa Monica Spoke our local and regional bicycle education and advocacy organization. Tom Jasmin and Stacy Yamato were the next speakers, who explained the safety and science behind the train. To finish up this forum we had Santa Monica City Manager Rick Cole, and former Mayor Denny Zane. Rick Cole was able to sum up all the parts of this forum and explain the power of the transportation revolution that was coming to Santa Monica. Denny Zane of MoveLa gave us the future of light rail that would be made possible with Measure M (Which passed in Nov of 2016, ushering in a new era of transportation).

William Selby – Transporation and Climate Change!

Amy Wyatt – The Big Blue Bus: Go Blue!

Cynthia Rose – The Bicycle Revolution

Tom Jasmin and Stacy Yamato – Metro Line Safety and Science

Rick Cole – The Transportation Revolution!

Denny Zane – The Future of Light Rail