Climate Action Santa Monica empowers people to learn about climate change, locally and beyond, and encourages them to use their talents, habits and passion to help Santa Monica become a carbon-neutral and resilient community.

CASM was founded in spring 2013 by a group of Santa Monica residents concerned about the growing threat of climate change. Together they sought ways to engage and educate the community, to help them better understand the complex factors involved in climate change, its effects, and ways that it can be addressed on the local level. The Church in Ocean Park has been part of the effort since the beginning and acts as CASM’s fiscal sponsor. To date CASM has been an entirely volunteer-driven effort.

CASM Steering Committee

Climate Action Santa Monica is led by a steering committee made up of founders of the organization as well as appointed members from the community. Our current steering committee members are as follows.

Judy Abdo – Former Santa Monica Mayor;  Rep. to  Metropolitan Water District
Bill Selby – Retired Santa Monica College Professor of Geography and Earth Science
Zachary Gaidzik – Entrepreneur, Environmentalist and Public Outreach Activist
Laura Gillette – Nonprofit Management and Fundraising Professional; Environmentalist
Cris Gutierrez – CASM Co-Chair, EcoPeace Community Educator-Activist
Katharine King – CASM Co-Chair; Concert & Event Producer; Environmental Advocate
Kent Strumpell – Bicycling Advocate and Urban Planning Activist

CASM Advisory Board

The advisory committee of Climate Action Santa Monica is made up of community members from across Santa Monica and the region is who are able to give their talents, passion, and years of wisdom to the organization to further it’s mission and extend it’s reach. The current advisory committee is as follows.


Elena Christopoulos – Political and Environmental Sustainability Consultant
Rev. Jim Conn – Former Church in Ocean Park Minister & Former Santa Monica Mayor
Gina Garcia – Co-Director, Sustainable Works
Albin Gielicz – Marketing Professional, Environmentalist and Community Activist
Ben Kay – Marine Biology Teacher, SaMoHi/SMC, and Environmental Activist
Dean Kubani – Santa Monica Chief Sustainability Officer, Public Works Assistant Dir.
Robert Lempert – Rand Corporation Senior Scientist and Noble Prize Laureate
Rev. Janet McKeithan – Church in Ocean Park Minister
Michael Tarbet – Lawyer, Environmental Advocate and Community Organizer
Belinda Weymouth – Environmental Journalist and Advocate
John Zinner – Principal, Zinner Consultants; LEED Fellow.