Putting people to work for the climate is one of the most meaningful climate actions we can take: it prepares a workforce that is needed and ready to address climate issues and implement solutions. In 2022, Climate Action Santa Monica won a state grant to hire young people from underserved populations or facing other barriers to employment. Thanks to this grant, four young people are now working part-time for CASM. The grant could allow us to hire two more young people, but we have to raise $20,000 to supplement the state funding. That modest amount will leverage the youth salaries for a year. That’s a big return!  

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Donate to Climate Action Santa Monica (CASM)

What Can Your Contribution Do?

$2,000 will make you a year-long sponsor of our monthly Santa Monica Climate Action Network webinars. $400 covers an honorarium for one summer youth Climate Corps participant! Sponsor more than one! CASM provides an honorarium so that no youth has to choose between bringing home a summer income and participation. $250 covers the cost of our youth Climate Corps graduation picnic. $100 covers the costs of one Santa Monica Climate Action Network webinar. Sponsor as many as you like! $35 covers the costs of one youth Climate Corps uniform. Any Amount — You will be listed on the annual donor page on our website (if you choose). Any gift of $200 or more and you will receive an organic cotton Climate Action Santa Monica baseball cap. For a gift of $100 or more, you will receive a Climate Action Santa Monica t-shirt.

Click a button below to make a credit card or PayPal contribution through Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), our fiscal sponsor and a 501(c)3 non-profit.


You may also send a check or contribute through a Donor Advised Fund mailed or electronically directed to SEE (Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs). Please specify Climate Action Santa Monica in the memo. Mail should be sent to:

Climate Action Santa Monica c/o Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs
23564 Calabasas Road, Suite 201
Calabasas, CA 91302

The Tax ID for SEE is 95-4116679. Contributions are tax-deductible.


Why Support CASM?

Leverage:  We have no offices. And, we have a lean staff and lots of volunteers. That means most of your contribution goes to programs!

Local focus:  We know what is happening locally and have close connections to the city and the climate community. We focus our efforts where the results can be seen and we serve as a resource to our partners.

Impact:  Policy advocacy is an effective climate solution. CASM organizes people to work with the government and others to effect big changes.

Urgency: The crux of the climate crisis is that time is of the essence. CASM’s programs are aimed at producing big results quickly.

Solutions exist!  Some are staring us in the face: revising how we use our roadways, altering our local development regulations or shifting investment priorities. Not easy but doable!   

Big Opportunities Ahead:

CASM is specifically working with our largest energy users to help them make the switch to 100% clean renewable energy. That means schools, supermarkets, hospitals and large commercial properties. These large users consume the energy of 20,000 thousand homes! 

With transportation responsible for over 60% of Santa Monica’s carbon emissions and road safety declining, we are working to accelerate the implementation of a fully built-out mobility system that prioritizes transit, bikes and pedestrians as well as cars. We want to see more resources allocated to bringing our city more state and federal grants so mobility projects can be implemented faster. Our Sustainable School-Commutes Campaign promotes walking, biking and transit because most students are driven to school!

CASM recognizes that creating climate solutions is tough, and an all-hands-on-deck effort. We are focused on creating an engaged, educated community that is future-ready and focused on solutions. We will continue to create job and educational opportunities for youth as we pursue transformative policy initiatives in the year ahead.