The planet and the political environment move closer to a boiling point as 2016 comes to a close.  As the Earth’s temperature has increased to record highs, the U.S. elections reflect an intensity that upturned expectations, resulting in a President-Elect who has dangerously claimed that climate change is a “hoax.”  In these times, to confront climate change, cities will continue  assuming a major role with everyone able to take part, and CASM’s significance grows.
With a year-end gift, you can help CASM build on in its accomplishments.  The opportunity is to advance Santa Monica as a vibrantly climate conscious community and regional leader, safeguarding our fellow human beings and our natural ecosystems to flourish and thrive.
Certain to sabatoge climate mitigation efforts are the nominations of climate deniers or fossil fuel industry leaders to powerful positions, including Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Exxon CEO of Rex Tillerson to be the Secretary of State, and apparently former Governor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy.
As one CASM adviser notes, “We still have one another and we must continue to support and lead positive efforts that will have the most significant impacts.” Yet, with courage, compassion, imagination and widespread civic engagement, invested in the facts, we all press ahead.  In its third year, CASM’s recent highlights include:
*   First CASM Climate Corps Summer of 2016-Teams of high school and college interns engaged hundreds of Santa Monica residents and visitors about the Expo and other transit choices and the impact of those on the climate.
*  Community Climate Action Summit (October)- Collaborated with the City and Sustainable Works to produce the first ever local community climate summit.  The aim was to  “galvanize the spirit” of all who live, work, study or play in Santa Monica to contribute to the development of the next climate adaptation and action plan.  Santa Monica’s goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050.
*  “What a Way to Go:  Bus, Bike and Expo!”-CASM”s fifth public forum focused on the new mobility options in the transportation revolution.
*   CASM Weekly News-blasts- Expanding outreach about climate issues and updates.
*  Community Choice Energy-Participating in the groundwork for Santa Monica’s inclusion in a new non-profit “joint power authority” of regional cities, enabling customers to access green & clean electricity at a competitive price.
*   Green Ribbon Committee- CASM co-chair invited by Office of Sustainability and Environment to participate in the committee overseeing the drafting of Santa Monica’s 2017 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.
We all need Mother Earth and each other.  CASM knows that all kinds of contributions matter.
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May this Season of Lights lead to peaceful and joyful climate actions!

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