We’d love to see you on Tuesday, 2/14/17, when the City Council will take the next steps to advance Community Choice Energy for Santa Monica to have 100% sustainable, renewable energy as soon as possible at an affordable cost for residents, visitors, businesses, schools and the City.  Community Choice Energy could lead to a huge reduction of greenhouse gasses and help establish opportunities for local green jobs.  Show your support for the Council in moving ahead with Community Choice:

The truth is that solar power is becoming cheaper than coal and fossil fuels and has always been so much healthier for people and the planet!
Since early 2015 CASM leaders have been on the Working Group for the South Bay Clean Power, an alliance of fourteen cities, which kick-started L.A. County’s determination to conduct a feasibility study for a Community Choice initiative.  Lead organizer  Joe Galliani has presented at CASM’s May 2015 public forum and at the October 29 Community Climate Summit about what Community Choice Energy is and what it could mean for our region.
At this point, as Tuesday’s agenda Item 8A, the City Council is considering three options for negotiating a Joint Power Authority (JPA):
1. Engage in the Los Angeles County-wide Community Choice Energy program.
2. Engage in the “South Bay Clean Power” sub regional Community Choice Energy program.
3. Independently seek to develop a Community Choice Energy program as a city.
As the climate extends beyond a City’s limits, so, too, can our commitments. CASM wants to see the City maximize its sustainability leadership and climate actions with vibrant regional effects.  On Tuesday, CASM expects to cheer on the Council, while making the case for teaming up with South Bay Clean Power. (Yes, yes the name will be changed once once the JPA is created!)  Let the Council know that Community Choice Energy can serve us is so many ways.
Here’s the link for the Council packet:

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