The event is organized by the Ocean Park Association (OPA) and will showcase close to 1,500 people from all areas of the city. This year OPA received almost 100 requests to march in the parade from applicants wishing to join a tradition that has grown to include marching bands and floats representing schools, local organizations, businesses and neighborhood groups.

An estimated 8,000 people watched last year’s parade and officials said crowds can vary wildly on a three-day weekend depending on the potential vacation plan of residents.

“It’s really caught on,” said Jeff Jarow, co-founder of OPA and Santa Monica’s 4th of July Parade, “Everybody is there, and everybody is in good spirits. People show up from all facets of the city.”

This Year CASM will be marching with it’s Climate Corps, a group of high school and college students passionate about climate change who will be working this summer across the city to empower residents to more their habits, talents, and passions, toward climate resiliency! Whether it’s the pier concert or the park, they’ll be there with information about how to live a more climate resilient, and carbon neutral lifestyle. Whether it’s a free TAP card or a LED light bulb, the Climate Corps is there to help you!

We hope to see you at the parade and empower you in your climate actions!

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