You made all the difference in our ability to exist in 2020. Thank you thank you thank you!! If you donated to us, you, yes you, are the reason we survived despite the pandemic.

Thank you to our 2019 donors:

  • Judy Abdo
  • Mudita Bahadur
  • Tara Barauskas
  • Bow Seat Awareness Programs
  • William Burrington
  • John D. and Teresa G. Calahan
  • James Conn
  • Barbara Filet
  • Gina Garcia
  • Anna Gibson
  • Nancy Greenstein
  • Cris Gutierrez
  • Kurt Holland
  • Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles – Doran Fund
  • Benjamin Kay
  • William Kelly and Tomas Fuller
  • Kathleen Kennedy
  • Katharine King
  • Dean Kubani
  • Robert Lempert
  • Levin Gruber Fund
  • Janet McKeithen
  • Dustin Peterson
  • Santa Monica DOG
  • Sarah Kilpatrick and Laurene von Klan
  • Kent Strumpell
  • Amy and Paul Sullivan
  • Linda J. Sullivan
  • Ali Tariq
  • Tatiana von Klan
  • Garrett Wong
  • Natalya Zernitskaya
  • Randall L. Ziglar
  • Marcia J. Zimmer
  • John Zinner

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