SAMOCAN David Blundell

Visual anthropologist Dr. David Blundell on Thursday July 20, 2023 shared his perspective on local knowledge and environmental sustainability by reviewing the context of where people live. David Blundell expressed how people have had difficulty embracing their lifestyle with the environment in the urban world due to electronics and media in their lives.
 Dr. Blundell acknowledges that while local indigenous peoples have continued to be inspired by nature, local knowledge should be passed down to generations to come, or it will be forgotten. As a native 5th generation Santa Monican Dr. Blundell proposes a continuance of local knowledge and uses his own experience living in South East Asia to expand on environmentally sustainable ways to live. 

While Dr. Blundell uses his own experience living in South East Asia; he also discusses how important his childhood was learning about Santa Monica’s groundwater and swimming in local Santa Monica springs.  

It was through these experiences in Santa Monica that inspired Dr. Blundell’s own awareness of how people can bring local ecological resources and sustainability into our daily lives.

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