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One of CASM’s members from the 2023 Climate Corps, Ryan Kim, published an article titled Opinion: Climate Corps is Empowering Youth to Speak up for Climate Action in Santa Monica focusing on his experience this summer. Ryan Kim talks about his experience in the farmers markets with Climate Corp Leaders Nancy Sanchez, Mario Melgarejo, and Jasmine Contreras and manager Amy Butte. He talks about his advocacy project speaking at the Santa Monica City Council Meeting on June 27 and advocacy sessions conducted in the Climate Corp program. Want to read Ryan Kim’s article? Click the link below: Opinion: Climate Corps is empowering youth to speak up for climate action in Santa Monica | HS Insider (

More about Ryan Kim:

Ryan Kim is a student in his junior year and is currently attending Santa Monica High. He likes to play games, run and hike often during his free time. He is the current news editor for his school’s journalism. He enjoys taking photos and videos of nature and friends and loves to write opinions or news articles. He hopes that in the future, he can go to many different places including Paris and Italy.

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