Meet our Advisors: Jeff Bush

Jeff Bush is a long-time resident of Santa Monica and has many years of corporate energy and utility industry experience. He has served in analytical, regulatory, managerial, and business development roles, developed new service offerings, and testified as a witness before the California Public Utilities Commission.  He also helped structure energy transactions to help corporations, commercial businesses, and universities manage energy cost volatility, and achieve savings and renewable energy/greenhouse gas reduction goals.  He has been following the progress of the Clean Power Alliance and has helped CASM identify opportunities to enroll additional Santa Monica meters in CPA without incurring additional costs.  He currently operates a consulting business, Greenbush Capital LLC, which provides insight into the California and West Coast wholesale electricity, capacity, and RPS markets. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCD and an MBA from UCLA.  Having worked in so many parts of the energy industry, Jeff brings expertise to CASM’s efforts to accelerate decarbonization of our energy system. In his spare time, Jeff is an avid biker and runner. 

Jeff’s favorite climate action: working with the CASM team and also spending time exploring the great outdoors.

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