Meet our Steering Committee: Kent Strumpell

In the mid 90s, Kent drove a primitive electric vehicle that only went 40 miles on a good day.  Nonetheless, it still served his needs for getting around the Westside of LA, convincing him to produce an educational film on the viability of that nascent technology.  Since then, he found that cycling could meet most of his local mobility needs and he turned his attention to bicycle advocacy.  Today he is still an early adopter, now using an electric bike for nearly all local trips.  

In addition to his work on the CASM Steering Committee, Kent is a 15 year appointee to the City of LA’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and regularly interacts with local governments on their transportation and land use plans.  It is his strong belief that the design of our cities strongly influences our carbon footprints.  Through his volunteer work in transportation and sustainable community planning advocacy, Kent has gained extensive experience in community outreach, producing community planning workshops and working collaboratively with city agencies.  

Kent’s favorite climate actions are helping friends convert their bikes into electric bikes, fine tuning his green home features and advocating for climate action at the political level.

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