Understanding the Santa Monica Beach Dunes Adaption Project Presentation

November’s SAMOCAN is shore to bring excitement!

On Thursday, November 16th, the Santa Monica Climate Action Network welcomed Featured Speaker, Alexandra Tower, Coastal Adaptation Director for The Bay Foundation.  Alex discussed the success of the Beach Dunes Restoration pilot project and proposals to create additional wildlife habitat and protection from rising seas.  Nico Predock (Sustainability Analyst) from the City of Santa Monica, provided the City’s perspective and plans.  Jasmine Contreras, one of CASM’s Climate Fellows, spoke about beach grooming and provide ideas and information for adapting the way we manage the beach.

More About the Featured Speaker:

Alex was born and raised in a southern Californian coastal community, which may explain why she is a life-long advocate of the ocean and coastal environments. With a Master’s degree in Marine Ecology and a PhD in Coastal Dune Plant Physiological Ecology from UCLA, Alex has a keen interest in applying the breadth of her expertise to current environmental issues. Alex works at the interface of education, ecological research and hands-on ecological restoration. She has served in leadership positions for several institutions, and currently serves as a Commissioner on the City of Santa Monica’s Commission on Sustainability, Environmental Justice and the Environment. Alex lives in Santa Monica with her husband and teenage son.

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