On Thursday, April 6, 2017, there is a public meeting on Santa Monica’s Water Neutrality Ordinance, 6 – 7 p.m. at 330 Olympic Dr., Santa Monica. Water conservation is our new normal. So, it’s also great to hear on KCRW Dean Kubani, Santa Monica’s Chief Sustainability Officer, and Sunset Park neighbors share why they are happy to have changed their front yards to drought friendly gardens that use less water and welcome so much more wildlife.

This local commitment is essential even though California’s snow pack is deep, but water is still a concern with global warming and the drought may return in full force next year. Though after five years of drought, it is certainly encouraging to see that our California snow pack is more than 160% above normal levels.  The problem is that with global temperatures at record highs and climate change intensifying, the snow could melt faster in the season and, in the future, more rain than snow would fall eliminating the water storage system permanently.
Break the Silence with Climate Actions
“Science, not Silence”!


April has gotten off to a rousing start as we celebrate the 50th anniversary on April 4 of Martin Luther King’s “Beyond Vietnam-A Time to Break the Silence” speech in which he declared that the War in Vietnam had to be opposed and that “militarism,” “materialism” and “racism” infected the United States and perverted its leadership.  Too many in power or too many not making connections were silent, and the war continued.   Now, the war on science and the war on the environment and on the climate require that we not be silent.

On Earth Day, April 22, scientists will step up and speak up at the March for Science in Los Angeles.  One week later the People’s Climate March turns up the volume on our demands for all of us and for our elected officials to take science and climate change seriously.
Let us know if you can join CASM: climateactionsantamonica.org.


Unchecked, by Mid-Century, CO2 Levels in the Atmosphere Not Seen for 50 Million Years!


At the current rate of CO2 emissions could climb so high that by mid-century the levels would not have been seen since 50 million years ago.  That grim fact means everything that we can do to increase our climate-conscious habits matter more and more each day.  Don’t forget that locally there’s the Transportation Management Organization to help you get around easily and with greener, more economic commuting.

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